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Coronation Street

Faye Windass’s Departure from Coronation Street: A Deep Dive

In May 2023, Coronation Street witnessed the end of an era as Faye Windass, played by Ellie Leach, said her goodbyes. This exit left fans emotional and puzzled due to an apparent plot inconsistency. After an impressive 12-year stint, Ellie Leach is now set to grace the stage of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Background of Faye Windass

Originally named Faye Butler, she has a distinct story in Weatherfield. Daughter to Tim Metcalfe and Jenny Butler, she later became a part of the Windass clan. Her journey on the show was marked by challenges, from facing bullies to unexpected motherhood.

Faye’s Dramatic Exit

Faye’s departure storyline was filled with drama and emotions. Wrongly accused of attempted murder, her comeback was fraught with difficulties. She decided on a new beginning, relocating with her former partner, Jackson Hodge, and their child, Miley.

Summary of Events

Date of EventMay 2023
Character in FocusFaye Windass
Actress Portraying the CharacterEllie Leach
Duration of Ellie’s Tenure12 years
New Show Joined by EllieBBC’s Strictly Come Dancing
Original Name of CharacterFaye Butler
Parents of CharacterTim Metcalfe and Jenny Butler
Major Challenges Faced by FayeBullying, Unexpected teenage pregnancy
Reason for Faye’s ExitWrongful conviction for attempted murder
New Life Decision for FayeMoving away with ex-love Jackson Hodge and their daughter Miley
Reason for Ellie’s DepartureSeeking new challenges and more personal time
Other Cast Members who Left in 2023Katie McGlynn, Colson Smith, Nicola Thorp
New Cast Members in 2023Harriet Bibby, Maximus Evans, Victoria Ekanoye
Ellie’s Birth Year and Place2001, Bury, Greater Manchester
Ellie’s Entry in Coronation Street2011
Ellie’s Song Release“Heartbreak” in 2022
Possibility of Faye’s ReturnOpen, but not confirmed

Reasons Behind Ellie Leach’s Exit

Ellie, the face of Faye, sought fresh opportunities after a memorable 12 years. Wanting new challenges and personal time, she felt it was the right moment to part ways with her iconic role.

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Ellie’s New Journey on Strictly Come Dancing

Post Coronation Street, Ellie is all set to dazzle on Strictly Come Dancing. She’s excited to trade the streets for the dance floor, revealing another side of her skills.

Coronation Street’s 2023 Cast Revamp

Ellie’s exit wasn’t the sole change in 2023. The year saw departures of stars like Katie McGlynn, Colson Smith, and Nicola Thorp. Yet, the show introduced new faces such as Harriet Bibby, Maximus Evans, and Victoria Ekanoye, keeping the drama alive.

Ellie’s Life Beyond the Show

Hailing from Bury, Greater Manchester, Ellie embarked on her acting voyage early, joining Coronation Street in 2011. Apart from acting, she showcased her singing talent with “Heartbreak” in 2022.

Will Faye Return to Coronation Street?

Although Faye has left Weatherfield, a comeback isn’t ruled out. Ellie is open to revisiting her role if the stars align.

In Conclusion

Faye’s departure from Coronation Street is a blend of intriguing plots and debates. As fans await Ellie’s next steps, the show promises more tales.


  1. Why did Ellie Leach exit Coronation Street?
  • Ellie sought new challenges and desired more personal time.
  1. What was Faye’s significant plot before leaving?
  • She was wrongly accused of attempted murder and faced reintegration challenges.
  1. Which program did Ellie join after Coronation Street?
  • Ellie is now participating in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.
  1. Could Faye Windass return to the show?
  • Ellie has expressed willingness to return, but nothing is confirmed yet.